Saturday, November 20, 2010

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92. What is 92, you may ask? 92 is the number of people needed (as of 4:17 on Saturday the 20th) to give me 400 followers on Twitter. When I reach 400, I am going to give one personalized (As in, "Molly, I hope you enjoy every minute of Anna, I had so much fun writing it! XOXO, Steph." or something of that lot) autographed copy of Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins away to one of those randomly selected followers.(and breathe)Anyone is eligible, all you have to do is follow me! Here is a pre-written tweet with a link, but you can make up your own as well. Happy follow/RTing!

Friday, November 19, 2010



My name is Molly. You might remember me from this blog... I used to post here until I didn’t. I feel REALLY bad about it. But, thank goodness you all are loving individuals who will read by blog even when I don’t post for a month, and tweet at me in the mean time! :)

I have been RIDICULOUSLY busy- with what, you may ask? Well, from October 27th- November 3rd, I was working on a political campaign for Marco Rubio, senatorial candidate from Florida. I work with a student political activism organization that pulls [primarily homeschooling] students from around the country to work on campaigns for pro-homeschooling candidates. I had an amazing experience, and met some really great people. I also collected some thoughts on our lovely political process, both in terms of voters, and bitter partisanship. That should get up soon.

Congratulations to everyone doing NaNoWriMo this year- I am really glad that I’m not doing it this go around. The fact that I have gotten NO writing done for my novel, and haven’t posted on my blog since mid-October is proof enough that writing a book in 30 days is not practical for me. Right now.

I got an iPhone! Gone is THE cheapest, tackiest phone known to man (it didn’t have a camera, speakerphone, or the ability to play anything but MIDIs. Ahhh!) I bought the 3GS, because I’ve heard too many bad stories about the 4. Oh, and the thing was $107 including tax, which is pretty cheap compared to some of the phones on the market right now. I love being to google anything I want WHENEVER. Nerd freedom! If anyone has app suggestions, I’m definitely willing to take them! Oh, and this brings my Apple total to a PowerMac, a (I think) G4 tower, a MacBook, two iPods (one 2nd Generation, one touch) an an iPhone. Considering getting an apple tattoo.

Vegetarianism- is still going strong. I didn’t expect to be able to keep it up while on campaign, because you spend all week eating food that someone else buys, but there was only ONE instance where I had meat, and that was at my cousin’s house. We had ribs, and they were good. During the campaign we were given gift cards with our meal allowance for the week- we had breakfast and lunch out. Therefore, I was able to choose meat-free items. I’m almost finished with a half-gallon of Silk, and bought Almond Breeze today. I also got a B12 supplement, which I’ve been told is recommended for vegetarians as B12 is pretty essential and apparently found primarily in meat. I feel great!

I think this is where I am going to leave you all- (after “This Week,” of course. I plan on getting back into Monday posting, so I will see you then!

I listened to: The ‘Ones Who Fly, Twos Who Die’ station on Pandora. On my iPhone. :D

I watched: Well, I’m not going to watch YET, but tomorrow (Friday) I will be watching HARRY POTTER!!! (Can you tell I’m excited??!)

I read: This post. It’s a call to action any geeks in the world (um, hello) to support Katie, a first grader with an awesome Star Wars water bottle.

I wrote: Nothing. Homework. Oh well.

I wish: You a Harry bliss-mass at the Friday premiere. (I’m getting punchy. Somebody stop me.)

So what did you listen to, watch, read, write and wish this week?