Alaska Junction Contemporary YA, don't ask about the WC, in progress.

  Callie Floyd knows music. Most importantly, Callie knows bands. She’s grown up on the tour circuit her entire life, the daughter of a notorious band manager. She is much more at home living on a bus with a rubber-maid tub dresser than in a house. She has a bedroom in New York, a living room in Phoenix, a kitchen in Atlanta. But when Callie’s grandmother falls ill, Callie and her mother are forced to abandon the life they both love, to settle down in Alaska Junction, a small town which is DEFINITELY not home.

March Contemporary YA, 55k, still in revision and editing.

17 year old Erin is happy with her predictable life. She has two best friends, a generous handful of siblings, and parents who still like each other. But one afternoon in March, one friend breaks her heart, and the other throws Erin for a loop with a revelation that she never saw coming. Left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, Erin is forced to move forward, make tough decisions and withstand the tests of true friendship.