Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

 There is no such thing as a perfect childhood, but mine came pretty darn close, and I don’t even consider myself fully grown just yet. Part of that, probably a LARGE part of that can be attributed to my dad. You guys, I got REALLY lucky. My dad gave me this awesome creative knack, that my mom doesn’t always get. My dad gave me a love of Earth Wind and Fire, and computers, really good food, and- oh yeah, Carolina basketball. I got my dad’s blue eyes, and his curly brown hair, and taste for hazelnut iced coffees. If you know me at all, (um, if you don’t know me, a good introduction would be the FAQ page) you’ll notice a lot of the similarities between the two of us... And for that, I’m REALLY grateful.

I’m grateful that my dad is the kind of guy who cares about people, he’s the kind of guy who brings home the groceries and a dozen small extra things that we didn’t need, but enjoy. I’m grateful that my dad loves I Love Lucy, and Alfred Hitchcock, and is (occasionally) still willing to watch Pride and Prejudice with mom and I. I love him because he has a heart for me and my brother and my mom still, after all these years and breakdowns, and speaks louder with his quietness than others do, shouting from the top of their lungs. I love him because he loves God, and therefore loves people. I love the fact that he tells really funny jokes, and for the longest time drove a green VW bug, that I want. I love him for the tiny things, and those hugs that he gives me when I’m sad, and the fact that he’s biting his tongue right now and NOT mentioning how I could edit this post to make it more efficient, and combine those two sentences right there... Happy Father’s Day, dad!

Thank You.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 things I like.

Whoa. I'm stealing AGAIN. Major shout-out to Abby Stevens, who is basically locking herself away to finish the most recent draft of her novel, that- get this-
! So I was reading this post on her blog, all about the things that she likes. I like this idea. But I'm going go even FURTHER and make a two part post, part one will be about things I LIKE, and part two, things I DON'T like. Except, I'm only doing mine in picture form. Therefore, I present: Part 1!









Thursday, June 17, 2010

In which I put on the hat of televison producer, and steal from Sarah Dessen.

I have (no joke) been online all day, and done absolutely NOTHING worthwhile that matters in the real world. (Before you start, let me just say that a LOT of nail polish was involved. Yeah. THAT kind of worthlessnessism) I would LIKE to think that this is just one of those creative experience things, but who am I kidding? I’m NOT writing. Aaaaand as Mur Lafferty says, I should be. Ha. ANYWAY. I was stalking reading Sarah Dessen’s blog, and saw this post. If you don’t know who Sarah Dessen is, (what is WRONG WITH YOU?) she is an AMAZING author, living in Chapel Hill (NC. Keep up) and a self professed TV fan. I’m not quite up to her caliber (both in the ways of writing and televisionfandomania) (wow, I’m really into making up words tonight) (and parentheses SPAMMING) (no more caps lock for you) but I’d like to be some day. In the above linked-for-your-ease (hehe) blog update, she wrote:

Just watch: next, they'll make a show about aspiring authors. They'll call it By The Book: The Next Great Novelist, and gather together twenty people or whatever in a gorgeous loft with pretty laptops and too much coffee and let them just go at it while they try to write drafts and tackle various writing exercises. Witness the drama of writer's block as it happens! Watch pretty people turn ugly when responding to editorial letters! FEEL the drama as they rush to finish chapters and read them aloud to a judges' panel made up of Pat Conroy, Jennifer Weiner, and, say, a critic from either the New Yorker or the NYT.

I just read that TODAY, but have been plotting a writer’s reality show all week. I was thinking it would be ten writers, and each challenge takes up a week at a time… Obviously, a ten week challenge.
The first week, their challenge is simple: write (at least) 50,000 words of a NEW manuscript in seven days. That’s just over 7,000 words a day, which is actually kind of do-able. Of course, I can get 600ish words in half an hour, so maybe that’s just me.
The next challenge, is to edit that MS, and send out query letters to agents. Two-show immunity for anyone who signs.
That next few weeks, they have to write at least 30,000 words of a specific genre, which is where the guest judges (and author-visitor-mentors) come in! Okay, so during that time, part of the voting process (you know there HAS to be a voting process) is that the first chapter (or what is best believed to represent the novel) of each MS will be posted online, and WE THE VIEWERS get to vote on our favorite.
The winner will receive a one-book deal with a major publishing house. Their big break.  So what do YOU think? I know I want to watch it!
Thanks Sarah, for the “prompt” and I’m going to go procrastinate now. BYE!


What's this? Is that a review policy, updated iBeta page, and F.A.Q. section? Why yes it is! Some fun stuff is happening in YDEland, mostly involving successful revision; I'm still alive, so that's progress. I took the SAT and don't think I COMPLETELY bombed, my friend Gloria Tangerine and I are starting a local book club, my dad has a second interview for a job, I'm planning a college road trip for late July, and had toast for breakfast. Big thank you to Blue Lipstick Samurai, for bestowing me with "The Versatile Blogger" award; I'll have a full post listing those I'M giving the award to soon. What's new with you?

P.S. Congrats to Chris Ing, for winning the first part of my contest. Good luck to those still in the running!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Revision, a four letter word.

Check out this video I just made, about what I'm doing right now, in terms of my MS. Longer post later!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Heist Society by Ally Carter- a review.

Heist Society, by Ally Carter
Disney-Hyperion, 2010, 9781423116394
Ally Carter's website
Agent Kristin Nelson’s website, blog

My oh my, Ally Carter has done it again. As I mentioned in a tweet a few weeks ago, I was able to inhale all of her Gallagher Girls series (so far!) and I am now happy to say that Heist Society followed suit- I was NOT disappointed!

Heist seems to open like a GG novel; the main character is an intelligent teenager with spy-like abilities, a notorious family, and is set in a boarding school- but this time, main character Katerina (called Kat) is a thief, seeking normalcy and a life away from the “family business.” But by the end of the very first chapter, you know that Kat’s school year will not go according to plan. She is unwillingly conned out of school by her handsome, REALLY rich best friend/borderline boyfriend Hale, who has rather grim news: a famous mobster’s high-security, practically invaluable art collection has been stolen, and Kat’s father is the only suspect on his list. The problem is that her father denies stealing the collection, and has an alibi to prove it. Kat believes her father, but the mobster does not, and he gives Kat a mere two weeks to return his paintings, or else. Kat is forced to take upon herself the task of stealing the paintings back, aided only by a unique teenage crew and belief of her father’s innocence.

I was able to vividly picture each character, and want to know them personally. Oh, to dream! There were several mysteries intertwined throughout the story that kept the pace up, although the plot was strong, and didn’t require them; thus each mystery was another topping on this really good-looking and good-tasting sundae of a book. Heist Society will leave you begging for more, at the end of each chapter, and at the end of the novel, with some questions answered, but more still lingering dangerously in the air. Thank goodness Carter is writing a sequel!
I give it five out of five espressos! 

Friday, June 4, 2010

I realize that I suck. And the winner is...

No excuses, just a really busy week. The winner I have chosen for this round is... Joanne! I honestly want to read ALL of the entries, but this is the one I've chosen for right now. BUT- the other three entries are still in the running, and on June 15th, I'll close the comments, but open a POLL for you, the readers, to vote on a second winner. Good luck, everyone!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

iBeta part one- OVER!

I will be choosing someone June 1st (today), because I'll have a bit more time on my hands. Thank you to anyone who entered this first part, and good luck to anyone who enters the second! (All unselected entries are left, and are still in the running- no need to re-post)

Thanks again!