Monday, September 27, 2010

Could it be? An ACTUAL post on a Monday?!

Today's post will not be a long one, partially due to the fact that I have seven minutes before work, partially because there's not much to tell. I've been working, and watching Friends, and doing Geometry. Bleh! But despite my boring, I hope your week was/will be productive and coffee filled. I've certainly got the coffee part down. So without further delay, I present: the end of my post.


Listened to: The Ingles Advantage song, which plays every 45 seconds at work. Look it up on YouTube, and you, too will start crying.

I watched: Ross and Rachel get together, and break up, and fight, and not hate each other QUITE so much...

I read: Coffee cups. Decaf? Shots? Milk? Drink? Custom?

I wrote: X[decaf], 3, N PSL, XH (I bet Kayla can translate!)

I wish: I had five more minutes!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time to whip out the Write or Die. {UPDATED}

I’m not getting any writing done, and I need to... So, I’m whipping out the WoD, setting it for 500 words in 30 minutes. Won’t be too hard, I just need the challenge. I would make this a live blog, but it’s two in the morning, and I doubt any of you are crazy enough to be awake with me. I’ll update this post, and answer questions once my half hour is up. *gulp*


I am finished, awake, and rather pumped.

Like I said, the time limit wasn't TOO challenging. I can now sleep, and wish that I could write my entire novel that way. It's REALLY late, but if my calculations are correct, I could write a 50,000 word novel in 19 hours if I kept up that pace... Something to think about!

I listened to: These guys.

I watched: Temple Grandin- the movie. You can read more about this AMAZING woman here and here.

I read: This fablulous article on "boy books," by Maureen Johnson, two posts by Stephanie Perkins- one about hope for teens after high school, the other about censorship. I also perused the blogs of Glenna Walsh, Abby Stevens, and Kayla Olson. (Thank you for the comments! I love them all!)

I wrote: The guy came into the store again today, you know the cute one? His name is Brian, I don't remember if I mentioned it. I think he kind of asked me out, and I think I said yes. Oh, and get this- he's picking me up at my house! It's like a real date, only instead of a stern, "Young man, you treat me daughter right" father, I have a grandmother with a shotgun and 23 years of teaching experience. I wonder what will happen tomorrow. If things go well, will I be his girlfriend? I know that implies asking me out again, but where is the line between friends, and friends who go out, and friends who DATE?

I wish: That the dishwasher would load itself, and I could get caffeine in an IV.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

See that message below?

The blank one? It had a post. It was eloquent, and BEAUTIFUL. Blogger ate it. I am sad. SO, for your updating convenience, I am posting an older version of that post that was supposed to be on here two weeks ago. I am tired, and it's not updated for modern times. SorrySorrySorry!

Happy Thursday! A Starbucks job, an explanation, list of links and why I'm not doing NaNoWriMo...

So, last week I had this great post written out, and blogger had an issue, and it all went away. The rest of the week was COMPLETELY booked, so Monday became Tuesday, which became a Wednesday, evolving into a Thursday, and here we are again. There's been a lot of major news happen in my world recently, and I'm glad that it's FINALLY online. That makes it official, right?

The first bit of news is great, not quite as fantastic as the second, but amazing anyway. I got a job! At STARBUCKS! For hours a day, I am surrounded by coffee, and calls of "Chai Tea Latte!" or, "Breve Americano!" "Caramel Frappuccino!" Yes, in case you're wondering, I get an occasional free drink. ;) You would not believe the number of people who make it in the door, saying, "You know, I've been having a pretty crappy morning, but I know that when I come to Starbucks, there will be friendly people who will caffeinate me, which will get me through the day." It's a really nice feeling when we get to help.

The job also means that I am now am no longer megabroke, and am about 99.9% positive that I'll be able to go to LeakyCon 2011 next year, which I'm PUMPED about. My library hours changed a bit from summer to fall, in that I now get two hours a week, totaling about $30 dollars per paycheck. My cell phone bill is usually around $20, (I'm on the family plan) and Netflix is $9 per month. Yes, that is correct, I can cover my bills and that's it. With this new Starbucks job, my coffee costs are, well- lesser, and any money I get goes directly to my bank account, not to Netflix or ATT. Of course I say bank had better believe I'll be doing a fair amount of online shopping pretty soon!

But there is bigger news, and this time, it's not about me. Okay, okay, it's SORT of mine: My dad got a job!! March of 2009, his employer said, "We love you, but we're cutting costs, so we can't pay you any more. Buh-bye!" Which, you know... sucks. He searched and worked at a grocery store deli for a few months before a seasonal executive chef position opened up at one of the bajillion summer camps in my area. Nice job, but seasonal. Then he heard about this job as a the catering chef at our local hospital- they are really working on changing their image food wise, and the job seemed like a perfect fit. He got fantastic references, and went to THREE levels of interviews, then one day, an email saying that they had hired someone from inside the company, but thanks anyway. You can imagine how bummed we were. A few weeks pass, and he gets a mysterious phone call from the guy doing all of the interviews. He says for my dad to call him back, and nothing else. Long phone call short, they decided to slightly modify the position, open it up once more, and weren't going to make a decision until the beginning of September. They had him come in last Tuesday, and offered him the job. Over a year and a half, and he finally has a position that he is qualified for, which will provide just the right amount of challenge! This has been a really long time coming. :)

Sooo, we had family in town last week, and then I started my job, AND we officially started school Tuesday. Basically, about a thousand words have been written this week. I also have a bit more news, which is not the happiest: I don't think I'll be able to do NaNoWriMo this year. As much as I would like to be SuperGirl, a job, senior year and some semblance of a life all together do not equal time for NaNoWriMo. I'm not completely ruling it out, because I could drop everything for two crazy weekends and wipe out my word count, 8k a day for six days, plus two 4k writing days... We'll see. I would really LOVE to do it this year, but I don't think I'll be able to do it without giving something up, and that CANNOT be my grades or my job.

Now I need to address a pet peeve. As you now know, (uh- read above) I have a job at Starbucks. It's really great, and most people know EXACTLY what they want to order before they walk in the door. Then there are those poor unfortunate souls (name the reference, anyone?) who walk in, and have NO IDEA what they want, and no idea what anything is. Therefore, I have created a guide, complete with tips and tricks for your ultimate Starbucks Experience. Go with me here.



Paying with a card is EASIER than cash. Before working as a barista, I always thought I was inconveniencing someone with a swipe. It's not a problem. We hit buttons, and don't have to count up change.

[Starbucks] Baristas are THOROUGHLY trained. We have (I think) a minimum of 35 hours of book training, throughout 11 manuals.

Just because it's not listed on the menu, (drink wise) doesn't mean we can't make it. Also, ask a barista what THEY like. My co-workers and I all have favorite combinations of syrups that create a new drink. One guy I work with created a neopolitan Frappuccino, as well as one flavored like orange sherbet. I love Pumpkin Spice lattes with vanilla syrup, and chocolate drizzle.

Bring in your own cup and get cheaper coffee!

Starbucks makes their own whipped cream out of heavy whipping cream and vanilla syrup. This might seem kinda minor, and "why would I care?"ish, but it's actually kinda cool. No whipped half-chemicals for us!

You're not inconveniencing us by having us MAKE a drink. If there are no dishes to be done, and the coffee is all brewed and ready to go, there's not a lot for baristas to do. We get bored. Order something, PLEASE?

As a stereotype, we [baristas] actually tend to LIKE our job. I've heard this from my coworkers, and my best friend works at another Starbucks in a neighboring town- same feelings there. :)

So what goes into a drink, you may ask?

A (grande) latte is two shots of espresso, and steamed milk- you hold the foam, and add a little to the top.

A (grande) cappuccino is two shots of espresso, and steamed milk- except the milk is poured (called free pour) without holding the foam, like when you make a latte.

You can get a latte on ice, which is just espresso, milk and ice, but you cannot get a cappuccino iced, because the basis of the drink is that there is more foam than in a latte. (A latte may or may not have foam, depending on your preference. It's not uncommon to get a latte with no foam.)

A (grande) caramel macchiato is syrup, steamed milk, and three shots of espresso poured in at the end, to "mark" the foam. (I believe macchiato is "mark" in Italian, but don't quote me.) then caramel drizzle is added to the top.

An americano is espresso with hot water... which we can add to taste.

A mocha is mocha syrup, two shots of espresso, and steamed milk, no foam and whip.

A chai latte is made of of chai concentrate, hot water and steamed milk. Buuut, the water is optional.

A Frappuccino is made with whole milk by default. If you love fraps, substituting 2% milk and no whip is a great way to have your drink taste pretty normal, (not light, which we CAN do- light syrup, sugar-free flavoring, nonfat milk, no whip) while saving calories.

A Frappuccino is also made with our specially-made coffee starter. You can substitute espresso as your coffee starter if you would like, you just need to ask. :)

The pastries (at least OUR pastries) are either one day, or two days, depending on the item. I've had numerous people ask "Is it fresh?" Each pastry is either hours, or one day old. I still count that as fresh.

~()* ]  <---- (it's a coffee cup!)


And now I have just a few notes, updates, links to insanity, stuff like that. Not afterthoughts, just coincidentally after those ^^ thoughts. :P

First off, I want to thank Myrna Foster again, for my prize package. I had a post written up (written on time, I swear) but didn't post it to the blog, so I had mentally written it off, but didn't quite follow through. THANK YOU, MYRNA! Goodnight, Good Knight is totally cute! (and the Nutella? Gone.) Myrna sent me some candy from Prague, PENS, and a pre-order of Paranormalcy, and Anna and the French Kiss. I haven't gotten Paranormalcy yet, (I live on a gravel road on the side of a mountain. Delivery prejudice happens all the time. You should have heard what happened when I tried to get my computer! Nightmare! BUT, I got it, and expect to get Paranormalcy soon!)

The Blue Lipstick Samurai rocks my socks off. I think this on an hourly basis.

Abby Stevens is home from England! I'm going to get her to take ME next time!

It blows my mind that you amazing people COMMENT on my blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

CONGRATS to Kiersten White on [Paranormalcy] debuting at #7 on the NYT Bestseller list!!

Sorry for the massive post this week... It's to make up for the two weeks minus real post, and I like to talk a lot. In a LOT of YouTube videos and blog posts, there is a standard set of statistics or questions answered and asked to readers/viewers. Kristina Horner lists the number of Chipotle burritos she's had this year so far, and what her last google search is. MY version (aside from WC) is going to be this:

This week:

I listened to: Glee. I can't wait for it to return! (So, UPDATE: Saw Glee. Laughed, SO EXCITED it's back!)

I watched: Friends! Just starting season 2 now. :D (Another update... FINISHED Season 2. Still love, but lots of doubt as to if I'm really spending my time well- NAH.)

I read: I Heard the Owl Call My Name, for my religions class.

I wrote:  Quiet nights after everyone had gone to bed, she would stare out the window of the small kitchenette, and imagine she was laying on a rooftop somewhere. Her fingers would be sticky from the watermelon she'd had earlier, and a quiet breeze would drift through the tar beach, and bring warmth up with it. Someone would  have a guitar, and they'd be so high up that the city noise would be indistinguishable, more like the crash of the ocean than horns and car motors. The popcorn ceiling glared back at her, a dank reminder that she was nowhere with stars worth watching.

I wish: That this 1,900 word blog post counted towards my novel word count.

So what did you listen to, watch, read, write and wish this week?

Monday, September 13, 2010