Sunday, January 31, 2010

When was my insanity chip get installed? #HP marathon, BABYm

It snowed. Again. Because of the snow, best friend (see last post) was unable to fly to Florida, because her flight was canceled. Several re-schedules and cancellations later, she wound up on a bus headed to Charlotte, which is where she will be until 4pm this afternoon- THEN she'll fly to Miami.

That is all said, in that the weather here has drastically affected function in everyday life, and not-everyday life. I developed a cold or something over the weekend, and was stranded by the snow, with nothing interesting to do. The idea struck me at 8pm Friday: Why don't you watch all 6 Harry Potter films back to back, ALL night, and Twitter about it! The sane part of my brain was out on a date at a coffee shop with the "you need sleep" part of my brain, and so I made a nice, rash decision (as in steady, hasty- not, "apply two times per day to the affected area" rash) that I would follow through with my challenge, to be hashtagged on twitter, #HPmarathon.

A couple of people have commented something along the lines of, "GET A LIFE!" I ask, what would you have done? I'm holding off on starting another book, because Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson is coming out TOMORROW (to be shipped to my house soon) and the closest business to my house is a gas station three miles away... No one has had any better or more productive suggestions. :)

My #HPmarathon began at 11pm Friday, and finally finished up at 12am this morning. Yes, that means that it took me 25 hours to watch 15 hours of film. Where did the extra ten hours go?

Well, first off, I twittered roughly 650 times throughout all six films. That's about 107 twitters per movie, equating to about 44 twitters per hour, or a tweet for every minute and a half. THAT's a LOT of twitters! I also did a roughly 3 minute video blog after each movie, preparing for the next installment.
During that time, I only consumed 2.5 cups of coffee, (never finished to graduate to a third cup) and took a 20 minute nap, but I also ate lunch and dinner, and was forced by my mostly well-meaning mother, to hike down the mountain in the snow, which took close to two hours. WHEW! Corny as it sounds, I feel like I actually learned some things.

1. Never hesitate to thank your lucky stars that blog posts are not limited to 140 characters or less.
2. Always choose as short a hashtag as possible. #HPmarathon really could have been #HPrace, #HPdare, #HPfor24, all for less characters. (That's a lesson for next time! ;) )
3. Perseverance pays off. I slept REALLY well last night.

I've decided to expand this post- to do a review of each movie, largely based off of each movie's tweets. In the mean time, check back often and follow me on Twitter! (@theknittingnerd) Later!


  1. Ha! I was working on an epic paper while you were watching Harry Potter in 25 hours. I loved following your tweets and kept remembering parts of the movie whenever you tweeted about them. It was awesome. :) Wish I could have watched along. Oh, well...saving it for another day. Certainly.

  2. Thanks so much, Katie! I love knowing that other people follow along with my madness... Hope the paper went well! :)


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