Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Write. (Part 1 of 2)

The Theory

There are a few basic requirements to actually "write." This is the hard part. To write, you will need 2 very basic things:

1. Set of hands. These are necessary to hold pens, drink coffee or type away at a computer.

2. Pen. Writing that is not in some form readable by other people is called thinking.


Paper- Paper is readily encouraged, but with a pen and hands, you can write WITH something,(hands and pen) USING something, (pen) ON something (hand). Simple logic, really. Paper helps greatly when you run out of skin.

Computer. This handy-dandy device, (best in laptop form, truthfully) helps to save trees when you run out of skin and therefore paper. Also nice in that you have a delete button as well as an 'undo' option.

On Writing, by Stephen King. This helps. (Also, THIS book is helpful as well)

A Brain- Many writers find this a commodity, I like to use mine as much as possible, but then there are those who believe in success without brain power. Most of those people are unpublished, but I know of a few who tend to succeed despite the odds.

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