Monday, September 27, 2010

Could it be? An ACTUAL post on a Monday?!

Today's post will not be a long one, partially due to the fact that I have seven minutes before work, partially because there's not much to tell. I've been working, and watching Friends, and doing Geometry. Bleh! But despite my boring, I hope your week was/will be productive and coffee filled. I've certainly got the coffee part down. So without further delay, I present: the end of my post.


Listened to: The Ingles Advantage song, which plays every 45 seconds at work. Look it up on YouTube, and you, too will start crying.

I watched: Ross and Rachel get together, and break up, and fight, and not hate each other QUITE so much...

I read: Coffee cups. Decaf? Shots? Milk? Drink? Custom?

I wrote: X[decaf], 3, N PSL, XH (I bet Kayla can translate!)

I wish: I had five more minutes!


  1. Ross and Rachel make me cry! The episode where Ross comes to Central Perk when Rachel is cleaning up, and she opens the door and he kisses her? Makes me cry EVERY TIME. The episode where Ross and Rachel fight because Ross slept with the Copy Girl while they were 'on a break?' I sit riveted, watching every nuance of the episode, despite the fact I've seen in oh, 10-20 times. I LOVE them.

  2. YUM. Yes, I am quite fluent in Starbucks Cup language. That decaf triple (grande/venti/either way=YUM) nonfat pumpkin spice latte, extra-hot, sounds absolutely delicious right now. You've inspired me to get one of these tomorrow instead of my usual plain old nonfat latte. If the weather's been as amazing in North Carolina as it has been in Texas the past couple of days, I bet you've had to write PSL on a LOT of cups. Even the slightest cool fronts make people crave them, it seems.

    Hope you had a great day at work! :)


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