Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday! Vegetarianism! SBS!

I'm going to be a vegetarian for awhile. Just because. This post will have next to nothing writing related, just letting you know now. :)

I love a challenge, I love an adventure. I love EXPERIENCING, and being to look back, having realized that I survived. Which is why I'm attempting to be a vegetarian! I'm not doing it for health reasons, (but, hello side benefit!) or moral (although, I don't like the thought of dead anything so why the HE!! am I eating flesh?!? WILLINGLY!) I just am. I'm also not doing this to judge myself (or- heavens, anyone else), or show off, it just seems interesting.

Starting today, Monday, I will be going off dairy for the week. I want to test the water cutting out one major protein source, to see how it goes. If (by the end of the week) I'm still feeling okay, I'll cut out red meats, then chicken and turkey (don't really eat much fish or pork) but with some dairy allowance. At that point I'll be a vegetarian with vegan tendencies. ;) I would go all the way with the veganism (no animal products whatsoever, including gelatin and honey) but I'm not willing to make that kind of commitment. My life is stressful enough.

In other news, I think I might have Second Book Syndrome. I'm scared that I'm writing the same material [as March], just with different characters and a leap across the country. Stephanie Perkins told me that strong coffee and dance music helps, though- so I am going to take her up on that. :) Have you ever experienced SBS? Have you ever tried something just for the heck of it, just because you want the challenge?


I listened to: Coldplay's The Scientist over and over and over and over, AND a customer who came into Starbucks talk about her life living in Crete for 8 months, just because. Oh, and she also traveled in Ireland, and recommended this book. I WANT HER LIFE.

I watched: Runaway Bride.

I read: Hex Hall, by Rachel Hawkins. Really enjoying it so far!

I wrote: very little- oh, except for my name for my LEAKYCON registration!!! :D

I wish: That someday my prince will come, riding on a shooting second star to the right somewhere over the rainbow. <---- I want to see that movie. Oh, and that my inbox didn't scare me as much as it does.

So what did you listen to, watch, read, write and wish this week? (Oh yeah, I'm starting season 6 of friends!  8 hours of show over 9 days.... :D)


  1. I listened to Taylor Swift (this is pretty much always true), read SCRAMBLED EGGS AT MIDNIGHT (very cute), wrote... well, edited, my novel, and wished for it to be warmer (I got my wish - it was 82 yesterday).

    Good luck with your new pursuit!

  2. SBS can be conquered. The trick is to go somewhere you've never been before (even just to a part of town you've never visited) read a book about something that you've never read a book about and listen to the kind of music that makes you jump up and down in front of your mirror and sing into your hairbrush. I recommend ALL CAPS.

    As for the vegetarianism, I recommend quinoa. Relatively cheap, easy to cook, and a complete protein. Any yummy. And it goes with everything. I'm a full-time vegetarian with vegan tendencies, and it's actually easier than one would think. If you like, I'll send you a recipe for vegan pancakes that will make you never want ovo-lacto pancakes again.

    Good luck!


  3. I don't think I could ever be a vegetarian. I love meat too much, haha. So -- it's been a week -- how's it going with the dairy experiment? ESPECIALLY working at Starbucks, I think that would be super difficult! :) Hope all is well -- I miss you and am looking forward to your next post! Have a happy day and week, my friend!

  4. Meant to reply earlier, but this silly life thing got in the way.

    @Abby- I’m reading Scrambled Eggs right now- loving it so far!

    @Elle- Hello! Glad you found me! I would LOVE that recipe!

    @Kayla- I’m not finding it as hard as I initially thought. There are a lot of ways to get around stuff if necessary, like at work I can get a soy latte, or soy frappuccino. Food-wise I just ask for vegetables or tofu, not meat. No real issues so far. :)


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