Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Breastfeeding Beyond Borders.

It may be a strange topic for me to write about, but just the same, breastfeeding and feminism go hand in hand. Let me start off by saying that breastfeeding has never "died," but the culture we are presented with here in the US has made the topic of breastfeeding nearly taboo, or at least oversexualized. There has been a constant battle between "the public" and breastfeeding moms, sometimes the battle is over "decent exposure," what is acceptable for a public place, and what is not. The war has spanned over Facebook, and even Denny's! The latest addition has been a video of Salma Hayek acting (no pun intended) as a wet nurse to a baby overseas. The question is, what is decent when it comes to something so biologically natural? Where is the line, what IS the line, and should there even BE a line?

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