Thursday, February 12, 2009

I vanish like magic!

Where have I been, (You lone reader) may ask? I love lists, and REALLY love commentary. So a commentated list I shall commence! (I also love big words. I’m a homeschooler. Can you tell?)

1. Psychology Class. I’ve been learning about people’s brains, and why some people choose to be Duke fans, for example when they KNOW that Carolina is by far the superior team.

2. Constitutional Law Class. It’s so weird to see the culture shift between what the constitution says, and how we (many times incorrectly) interpret it today.

3. American Lit Class. Huckleberry Finn. Need I say more?

4. Algebra 1 Class E(V)x E(I)x E(l) is the same as EVIL. Nah, It’s not TOO terrible, I suppose.

5. Dramadramadrama! I’ve recently re-jumped into the dizzying world of theater. Okay, I’ve dipped my toes in. But I’m still a little “dramalogged” and don’t really care to fully immerse myself again... just yet.

6. The Leadership Institute Youth Leadership Training School. Two SUPER intense, packed days of Political Technology training, along with a nice workout for my brain… Did YOU know that the best place to put a bumper sticker is the on the front. left (drivers side) of the car?!

And that’s pretty much it. Looking back, I look pretty dang not-busy and oddly deprived... But I really DO have a full schedule. Promise!

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