Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas in reverse?

I hear SO much about "The Reason for the Season," that being Jesus's birth, and I'm reminded not to focus on the physical things, and look to the spiritual and unseen gifts Christmas brings. But honestly, I'm going to go out on a limb, and lay my head on the execution block for a minute.

Maybe the physical parts of Christmas not only bring the holiday to life, but actually participate in what makes the season truly special. If somebody tells me "Happy Holidays," I'm not planning to have a stroke and say, "It's MERRY CHRISTMAS!" No. I'll say, "Oh, you too!" *insert smile and polite nod here* You wanna know why? Because I'm a rebel. and there ARE more holidays than just Christmas around this time... Anybody remember Winter Solstice (No, not another way of saying Merry Christmas or Happy New Years- it ACTUALLY EXISTS) or Kwanzaa? (It's a CULTURAL holiday, people! NOT religious!) How about New Years?
My favorite part of "The Holiday Season" is being with my family- and opening presents. I can sound as selfish, self-centered and physically-focused as you want, but somebody is giving ME a present that they think I'll enjoy-(Most of the time I do!) They've thought about me, and expressed it through their wallets! I've also been given the opportunity to give them a little luxury... With the economy how it is, even the smallest things that can bring a smile to a face and a little extra light to the eyes is worth every penny. I also love the physical travel aspect. Having been bitten by the travel bug many moons ago, any excuse to explore the world, I'll take. There is something about sitting the the car for 12 hours to be with people who want to hug the breath out of you no matter how bad and "travelled" you smell, that makes me smile. There are those moments of pure bliss when you're all playing a card game and you're dealt the PERFECT hand, so you go out, leaving the other 8 family members seething and plotting your demise while you bask in the victory limelight. Wait- did I just find myself admiring not so much the physical, but the emotional and spiritual aspects we are gifted with this time of year? Maybe I'm really a circle enthusiast at heart, and my mind just seeks that well rounded balance. Well, whatever the meaning of my day dreaming, don't forget the reason for the season, and make holiday giving a way of living. (Somebody stop me before I turn into Dr. Seuss!)

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