Friday, December 5, 2008

I've given in!

I must admit, that this weekend I sat down and read Twilight- I finished it (the first book) last night and am in the middle of New Moon right now. *insert guilty look here* I've constantly heard mixed reviews, from people who said they really liked the books, people who said that everything was too perfect (I'm not really seeing that as much- I mean, yeah, they all have pretty fantastic lives, but also have a HUGE price to pay for the way that they exist) and then there are the ones dead (haha, no pun intended) set against it. Right now I'm kind of in the middle. As a Harry Potter fan, I've always had a sense of... (shall I say balance?) about these things- and I'm not as bothered by magic, witches, wizards, spells, vampires, etc. I see them as characters in a persons imagination, poured out onto paper for other people to read. I'm not denying that some of these things exist, and I have to be cautious. But as a writer, I know how simple it is to randomly create a character, not even based off a real experience and give them a life. Essentually, if I read something that I feel convicted about, I'll stop reading (with God's help- who do you think I am? Superwoman!? :P) but so far my alarm system has not gone off for the Twilight series, and I really hope it doesn't.

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