Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

 There is no such thing as a perfect childhood, but mine came pretty darn close, and I don’t even consider myself fully grown just yet. Part of that, probably a LARGE part of that can be attributed to my dad. You guys, I got REALLY lucky. My dad gave me this awesome creative knack, that my mom doesn’t always get. My dad gave me a love of Earth Wind and Fire, and computers, really good food, and- oh yeah, Carolina basketball. I got my dad’s blue eyes, and his curly brown hair, and taste for hazelnut iced coffees. If you know me at all, (um, if you don’t know me, a good introduction would be the FAQ page) you’ll notice a lot of the similarities between the two of us... And for that, I’m REALLY grateful.

I’m grateful that my dad is the kind of guy who cares about people, he’s the kind of guy who brings home the groceries and a dozen small extra things that we didn’t need, but enjoy. I’m grateful that my dad loves I Love Lucy, and Alfred Hitchcock, and is (occasionally) still willing to watch Pride and Prejudice with mom and I. I love him because he has a heart for me and my brother and my mom still, after all these years and breakdowns, and speaks louder with his quietness than others do, shouting from the top of their lungs. I love him because he loves God, and therefore loves people. I love the fact that he tells really funny jokes, and for the longest time drove a green VW bug, that I want. I love him for the tiny things, and those hugs that he gives me when I’m sad, and the fact that he’s biting his tongue right now and NOT mentioning how I could edit this post to make it more efficient, and combine those two sentences right there... Happy Father’s Day, dad!

Thank You.

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