Monday, November 9, 2009

Blogging from my phone...Meh, blogging from my iTouch- that's style!

Hello blogosphere! 

I just finished my Environmental Bio class for today- we had a test, and I mixed up thermo and trophosphere I'm sure. I decided to go all wild and crazy and leave Kennedy (my MacBook child) at home, and only bring my iPod touch to school with me today. Many people may be suspicious of my loverly little device, doubting that it can really scratch a full computer itch. It can't, but sure has the capability of coming close! Again, as I mentioned before, I'm actually blogging from this handy-dandy do dad. I have also written over 700 words of my NaNoWriMo project, March on it's touchscreen keyboard and updated my word count in a web browser. Alright, enough Apple pushing. The book is going well, I'm still a bit behind my word count schedule, but I have a free Saturday without a customary play practice, and plan on using the time to write as much as I humanly can- I can get through a good 1,000 words+ in a relatively busy, low caffeinated hour... It makes me absolutely giddy at the thought of a free day to simply let the words take over! I'll have another update soon, sometime, later, whenever... Nanoers, keep writing, readers, PLEASE keep reading, and you with the Chinese food? Gimme some!  

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