Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Writing and Such

As I sit here, absolutely father along in my novel than I was, say two hours ago, I think to myself (no, not "what a wonderful world...") about what I have actually accomplished this fiiine month of November. (pronounced Novembuhhhh) I have written what could very well turn out to be a novel. (insert a DUH here) At this point in time, I only have (I love how I'm now practically sneezing at these numbers) 28,500 something or other words, leaving 21,500 something or other words to write over my next six days. This may sound challenging, but equals out to say, 5000 words per day. You may remember that two Saturdays ago, I was able to survive writing 8,000 words in one day, and I actually procrastinated quite a bit that afternoon! Tomorrow, I will be in the car for five and a half hours, blocking out a decent amout of writing time then and there, PLUS, that 5.5 hour drive is taking me to the beach, one of my favorite places in the world, largely due to the fact that it is quiet, and relaxing, and I have no structue outside of spending my hours writing and dring copious amounts of coffee. Whee! While I'm thinking, I'm also randomly browsing the blogs of published authors who I find myself aspiring to one day follow -follow in their published footsteps, follow in the tradition in that they sat down at some time or another and managed to cough up a few sentences, and with those few sentences, lots of coffee and several dozen other people, eventually formed a novel. I'm halfway there already.

Presents, gifts, prizes for the starving author/writer/blogger would be appreciated on an incredible scale, and I will see you dear blog readers, whomever you may be, sometime ideally tomorrow. Any other news or major word count milestones will be posted throughout the night in brief, short posts. Oh, and by the way, comments are FREE to the author, and appreciated ALMOST as much as chocolate!

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  1. Oh, good good blessed luck and wishes and thoughts for the novel! I can relate in a sense-- I'm at the beach, too (although not doing nearly the dedicated writing that you are!), and if I were with you, I'd give you some chocolate! :)


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