Thursday, November 5, 2009

I slept. A LOT.

Yesterday was an absolute mess... Let me tell you why!

Tuesday afternoon, we were informed that the College Republicans (group who had been riding the bus with us on the way up)wanted/needed to get back to school, and their classes. SO, that called for their bus to pick the poor unfortunate homeschoolers (actually, we were ALL awake, so scratch out the poor and unfortunate part) at 3.AM. We all get situated on the bus, sidestepping the happy-drunk-but-passed-out-at-the-moment college students and found our own seats. Somebody tried to play cello music, and I'm not entirely sure why... Anyway, from that point it was a relatively smooth ride; I slept from about Four to Seven, when I realized that we had stopped. On the side of the highway. The bus driver went outside to check the engine, and sure enough, something was overheated, and some engine part was broken, or..something. Thankfully enough, we were RIGHT near an exit that had a Waffle House and McDonald's within decent walking distance, so I hiked away. Got some coffee from McDonalds and walked back to the bus, just in time to hear the bus driver say that he had good news! We all waited in anticipation, a dea of bed-headded heads popping up to listen.

"I just spoke to the bus company, and they told me that another bus should be here in about two hours!"

I absolutely understand how it's difficult to simply snap your fingers and voila! A bus! But two hours just seemed like a LOT. We then tried to watch a movie, but at eight in the morning, District 9 was just too violent especially given our circumstances. That was about the time when my phone died! Well, long story short, at 9:30 am another bus pulled in and we were driven to the apartments where my parents were waiting, and several other students got off. We drove home, and I promptly went into my room and fell asleep- I completely missed my Shakespeare class, and woke up only for dinner, then went back to bed. What, may you ask is the upside of the story?

Bob MacDonnel, Bill Bollings and Ken Cuccinelli all won Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General of Virginia, respectively. Chris Christie won the Gubernatorial race in New Jersey, and in New York, the conservative candidate lost by a margin of FOUR points, which is saying a LOT as he was running on a third ticket. My team personally campaigned for all of these men, and are excited to see the positive implications surely to come with these strong men in charge.

That's all for now, I'll be posting a NaNo update (haven't written a whole lot yet, unfortunately) as well as pictures from my trip in the coming hours/days. Thanks for reading! :)

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